Smart Working

Smart Working Cloud Desktop Video Conference E-Learning Groupware

Slide Companies are increasingly in need of new connected and integrated technologies to allow the SmartWorking of their employees, that is, the possibility of working from home without having to physically go to the workplace using all company tools in complete safety. These technologies are now available via Cloud which can be activated and deactivated at any time, easily usable and available at totally accessible costs for any company. BE.iT SA, thanks to the experience on these technologies and its Cloud platform, offers a series of services carefully selected and tested over the years.

It provides the opportunity to use a Virtual Desktop in the Cloud to use company software, browse websites and use individual productivity software such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice.

Attraverso l’utilizzo di servizi aggiuntivi quali Groupware è possibile condividere e sincronizzare file tra più Cloud Desktop, utilizzare servizi di chat privata, editing collaborativo di documenti, calendario e rubrica condivisa.

Video Conference

We provide a video conferencing service via Cloud, simple to use and with immediate activation. You can hold 1 to 1 or 1 to many conferences. There are numerous features available including streaming on Youtube and the possibility of recording conferences and then publishing them on other portals such as, for example, E-Learning ones.


The Groupware Cloud service allows you to share, consult and collaborate on personal and corporate files. The service can be used both via the web and installed on your PC or in the Cloud Desktop service, which can be activated and deactivated at any time and accessible from any platform.

Among the features we have: Shared calendars and address books, Webmail, collaborative editing of documents, work progress management, private chat with audio and video support, file and document sharing.

You can share and synchronize files between multiple Cloud Desktops, use private chat services, collaborative editing of documents, calendar and shared address book.


E-learning and school are two increasingly closer realities and through technologies and products that have now become a standard used by schools and universities of all levels, it is now possible to combine these two worlds.

The use of Cloud environments, also in this case, makes immediate the activation of the service that can be managed by teaching staff and to which students and associates can be added to the related courses and lessons.

You can also record and publish video lessons, create tests and assignments, share documents.

Office365 per le scuole

The Office365 suite becomes free for schools, teaching staff and students. Thanks to this suite you can use all the Microsoft collaboration tools such as streaming lessons, video conferencing, all Office software, e-mail, file and document sharing. BE.iT is available to any educational institution to help activate the service for free. Office365 integrates perfectly with the E-Learning service to provide a complete and professional online school platform.

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