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Slide From now on you can have all the space on the Cloud and all the managed services you want, in the way and in the moment in which your company requires them. BE.iT_Cloud_logo

Slide We offer a simple, automated Cloud solution, scalable, compliant and convenient thanks to our services of Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Private Virtual Cloud(VPC), all integrated into the BE.iT datacenters in Switzerland, always placing security at the basis of all our infrastructure.


(Virtual Private Server)

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) service is aimed at all those who need technical and managerial autonomy and who want to avoid purchasing their own server. Our customers have full access to the servers and the relative administration passwords, they can also decide to manage the server independently or they can request the management of it. To simplify the management of virtual servers, the virtualization platforms are equipped with a centralized console through which it is possible to switch the servers on and off, modify the allocation of resources to the individual machines and modify the network parameters.
Attraverso la stessa console è possibile gestire anche la configurazione delle reti virtuali.


(Virtual Private Cloud)

The Private Cloud is the ideal solution to manage virtually, in total autonomy
and with high security standards, virtual infrastructures for all business needs. With the Private Cloud you have the possibility to connect your corporate network via the VPN with the cloud network, thus obtaining a direct and encrypted channel between the office and the VPS, moreover, the Private Cloud, guarantees more features such as being able to create different networks virtual to better segregate network traffic.
The Private Cloud has several advantages such as better control of the cloud infrastructure and greater security given by the encrypted VPN. The infrastructure is customizable by extension and size and adapts in real time to the resources required by company activities.

Web & Mail Hosting

The Web Hosting service offers top of the range functionality and performance.
Our customers have access to the cPanel control panel, the most intuitive and complete on the market, to manage and configure the Website, E-mails and DNS service. Some of the features:

  • Sub-Domain Management
  • Account Mangement E-mail POP/IMAP
  • Antispam Management
  • DNS,Database,MySql Management
  • Log Display
  • Web Statistics
  • Traffic Quotas
  • File Management
  • FTP Users Management
  • Backup Creation And Recovery

For our most demanding customers who require advanced and collaboration features from the Email service, we can offer the Email service on Exchange or Zimbra

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a centralized, secure and automated service that creates an intelligent backup of critical servers and clients in a dedicated storage at the BE.iT Data Centers. The Remote Backup service allows you to backup the entire server or portions of it using dedicated modules to create a consistent backup of Virtual Machines and Applications such as:

  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • MySQL

The technology used by the Remote Backup service allows, in addition to restoring individual files or applications, also to restore the entire server to new hardware. For the Remote Backup service we support Veeam Cloud Connect, NAS Synology and QNAP or any other device or Operating System through the use of specific software.

Housing & Colocation

BE.iT hosts its servers and services within multiple Datacenters located in Switzerland, all built using the latest generation technologies and according to the highest security standards in stable video surveillance 24h on 24h with access to biometric detection. BE.iT offers a Colocation service starting from the single unit up to dedicated 42U racks. Our customers can integrate their services by adding features such as, for example:

  • Storage
  • Backup Service
  • Antispam
  • Antivirus
  • Perimeter Security Services
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Anti DDoS

The connections on different carriers also allow
BGP reachability also through links of different levels. The Data Centers are designed according to Tier IV standards, the buildings are anti-seismic and non-magnetic, they also have ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Certifications.

Cloud Desktop

The Cloud Desktop solution offers you a Virtual Desktop accessible from any browser and a workstation always ready for you.
Thanks to the Cloud Desktop, everything is safe: your data and applications are saved on BE.iT servers and are always available. You can access wherever you want and when you want. The Cloud Desktop is designed to be flexible and dynamic,
great for small, medium and large companies. You can create new Cloud Desktops in a few simple steps and deactivate them whenever you want. It is also possible to choose Cloud Desktop services that use graphics acceleration cards for 3D software environments and digital renderings, the best way to make a professional studio dynamic and in step with the Cloud philosophy.

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