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Slide We create, manage and simplify IT making it a safe service suitable for any specific need. We guarantee safety, cost optimization, flexibility, performance and efficiency in all our projects.

Slide Il payoff Tailored: To Customer Requirements: Information Technology: Indicates quality, care of service, safety and reliability. Indicates customer care and compliance with requirements. Includes the media and storage infrastructure, data recovery, transmission and manipulation. BE.iT B logo

Slide Our History 2013 - BE.iT is Born February 2013, BE.iT. A new IT services company on the market with an innovative nature and based on safety. BE.iT offers 360 ° solutions thanks to extremely competent staff on each informatics technology. 2014 - BE.iT Cloud is born BE.iT creates its own Cloud platform by hosting the infrastructure inside the brand new Manno datacenter ( The levels of safety and reliability are among the highest on the market and BE.iT starts offering their Cloud services aiming for 100% uptime. 2015 - 1000 VDI in a single project. Thanks to vertical knowledge of virtualization, hyperconvergence and VDI solutions,BE.iT implements the first infrastructure to offer more than 1000 VDI within the largestItalian Call Center. Thanks to the optimizations carried out, operators obtain better performances than to physical PCs with very low bandwidth consumption, ROI is very fast. 2016 - Turnover Record BE.iT turnover record: + 400% compared to 2015 2017 - 2017 - GDPR BE.iT first of all starts talking about GDPR and a new concept of IT Security.

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